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February 28, 2002

Year-end exam

Junior high school students are now struggling to prepare for the year-end exam. I give lessons planned for such exams just before. It's really too bad to say that "rote memory" goes a long way in school English exams in Japan. Memorization is an important factor in learning a foreign language. But that doesn't have to be done in a nitpicking way.


It's easy to start a diary. It's difficult to keep it up. In Japanese, we describe a person who cannot stick to anything as "Mikka Bouzu" (pronounced like "Mick-a-Boze"). "Mikka" is "three days." "Bouzu" a "Buddhist monk." So "a three-day monk." Do I make sense? Even though you start something new or good for yourself in a deternimed way, you tend to grow tired of it on about the third day and give it up . This expression is often used without giving it a serious thought, because you and I are generally "Mikka Bouzus." seems that I write in this diary every three days. So I may be an "Every-three-day Bouzu."

February 25, 2002


The HTML class has proceeded to the TABLE section. That's where I was looking forward to learning most. With WYSIWYG HTML editors, I still haven't got the knack of using tables properly. Hand coding TABLE tags and attributes seems like a complex work. I'll give it a try.

February 22, 2002

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is coming to a close. I haven't been so enthusiastic this time. One of the reasons is -- the time difference. Almost all of the events start late at night. Too late for me to watch them live. I'm an early bird. Yeah, that's a personal thing. And the Japanese athletes haven't been doing so well as expected before the Games. Um, they are doing well maybe. The Japanese media hype should be to blame. Sigh. Judging disputes have also made the Olympics bland, it seems to me. What happened to the South Korean short-truck speedskater was a disaster. So far, no good.

February 19, 2002


Heavy snow storm. Elementary schools around here cut off their afternoon classes and let the pupils return home. Even in such conditions, some students come to my classes. They must be highly motivated to study! (Really?) Meanwhile, the junior high school announced a temporary closing of the classes until Friday because of the prevalence of flu among the students. Seems like a terrible winter.

The HTML class. I wanted to know how to set up the same font for an entire page. So, I posted the question. One of the instructors advised me to insert the FONT FACE attibute to the opening BODY tag, showing "<BODY FONT FACE="TIMES NEW ROMAN">." I tried, but it didn't work. Yeah, come to think of it, "FONT FACE" is a tag, so it can't be used as an attribute to the opening BODY tag, can it? I don't know. I searched the Internet and found the "BASEFONT" tag. It worked. OK, anyway.

February 18, 2002


Well, what should I write here anyway? I happened to hear about Virtual University. I happened to visit it. There I happened to find an HTML class. Though I have some experience of creating web pages, I happened to want to learn the basics of HTML. So, I joined. I hand coded HTML and made a very simple web page. I had no idea about what to do with the page. Without much thought, I named it 'Kiyo's English Class.' The tilte is the one that I gave to the web site I first built two years ago. A Japanese site. It lasted about a year and was closed when I made a new web site for my own English school.

So, 'Kiyo's English Class' has made a comeback! -- This time as an English site. The HTML class I'm currently taking is still only a half way through. The site is being in progress with it. Hopefully, keeping this diary-like something will give me some ideas for this new site.