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Well, what should I write here anyway? I happened to hear about Virtual University. I happened to visit it. There I happened to find an HTML class. Though I have some experience of creating web pages, I happened to want to learn the basics of HTML. So, I joined. I hand coded HTML and made a very simple web page. I had no idea about what to do with the page. Without much thought, I named it 'Kiyo's English Class.' The tilte is the one that I gave to the web site I first built two years ago. A Japanese site. It lasted about a year and was closed when I made a new web site for my own English school.

So, 'Kiyo's English Class' has made a comeback! -- This time as an English site. The HTML class I'm currently taking is still only a half way through. The site is being in progress with it. Hopefully, keeping this diary-like something will give me some ideas for this new site.