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Heavy snow storm. Elementary schools around here cut off their afternoon classes and let the pupils return home. Even in such conditions, some students come to my classes. They must be highly motivated to study! (Really?) Meanwhile, the junior high school announced a temporary closing of the classes until Friday because of the prevalence of flu among the students. Seems like a terrible winter.

The HTML class. I wanted to know how to set up the same font for an entire page. So, I posted the question. One of the instructors advised me to insert the FONT FACE attibute to the opening BODY tag, showing "<BODY FONT FACE="TIMES NEW ROMAN">." I tried, but it didn't work. Yeah, come to think of it, "FONT FACE" is a tag, so it can't be used as an attribute to the opening BODY tag, can it? I don't know. I searched the Internet and found the "BASEFONT" tag. It worked. OK, anyway.