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Year-end exam

Junior high school students are now struggling to prepare for the year-end exam. I give lessons planned for such exams just before. It's really too bad to say that "rote memory" goes a long way in school English exams in Japan. Memorization is an important factor in learning a foreign language. But that doesn't have to be done in a nitpicking way.


It's easy to start a diary. It's difficult to keep it up. In Japanese, we describe a person who cannot stick to anything as "Mikka Bouzu" (pronounced like "Mick-a-Boze"). "Mikka" is "three days." "Bouzu" a "Buddhist monk." So "a three-day monk." Do I make sense? Even though you start something new or good for yourself in a deternimed way, you tend to grow tired of it on about the third day and give it up . This expression is often used without giving it a serious thought, because you and I are generally "Mikka Bouzus." Well...it seems that I write in this diary every three days. So I may be an "Every-three-day Bouzu."