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Blog Surfing

I like blog surfing these days. I usually do surfing in the morning (Japan time) via the homepage of MovableType, where recently updated blogs are constantly listed.

It's fun to find interesting blog sites that make me want to visit again. Onegoodmove is one of such sites. I find the blog very inspiring and informative.

And one more gem.

A couple of days ago, when I was browsing the list, the title "forty.something" caught my eyes. Does it refer to an age? Then, I'm also in my forties. Sounds interesting. -- So, I clicked on the link. Bingo! The author is forty-something and a mother of two. The subheader reads, "...old enough to know better." Oh..., yeah, I myself think so, too. The age of forty is described as "Fuwaku" in Japan.
"Fuwaku", from a Chinese classic, is the state of not losing your way - somewhat like "knowing better". Ugh!

The site is well designed (really cool and beautiful!), giving a relaxing atmosphere, and her blog is enjoyable. Oh, I have to drink a bottle of water!


Just wanted to say "hi". "Fuwaku" eh? :) I'll have to remember that!

Wow, Jennifer, thanks for coming!:)
It seems to me that I haven't reached the level of "Fuwaku". haha