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Funny English

Hey, look at this March 19 entry on kristen's Japan. I enjoy reading her weblog because her English -to me- is beautiful and the contents are interesting.

It's a regrettable fact that ,in Japan, using English (or rather, English-like something) is only thought to be something Coooooool. You can find a lot of examples of funny English as in the ones printed on T-shirts, names of commodities, quasi deejays, politicians who want to show off their poor English in defiance of their interpreters, and the like. For such people, it's OK with them as long as the English they use just SEEMS to sound Cooooooooooool to them, regardless of how it really sounds or what it really means.

That's the Japanese trend.

English, I think, is not a superficial cheap fashion thing, but a tool to communicate. If you are learning English as a second language, you should try to get the basics as a matter of first priority. Even if your English sounds a little lame, it's far better than sounding silly. After all, we are not native speakers of English.