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The HTML class has entered the final week. --- Eh? It's the end? Oh, I, by mistake and for no specific reason, believed it would last eight weeks! Well, well, in any case, it was a nice class. It was worth taking. I learned the basics of HTML in a systematic way and created web pages without resorting to an HTML editor. Very simple pages, but that's what I want them to be. Simplicity is beautiful. Simplicity is the key -- to what? ...Um, OK.

As an -kind of- English teacher, I know the importance of getting the basics firmly. You should at times go back to basics. Looking at my school site (Japanese), there must be a lot of pointless or needless tags. Besides, I hear XHTML will be the next standard. I don't know what it's like, but thinking of rewriting my school site with XHTML gives me a headache. Phew.