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Running a school

It's another enrollment season! I accept new students about this time of year, distributing my school ads in the form of newspaper inserts. I don't know why, but things have been going well these years.

I once went through a hard time. Very hard time. That was five or six years after I started this business. Yeah, I made a good start setting up my English school in my hometown. With the help of my aquaintances, and because it WAS my hometown, a fair number of students applied for my classes from day one. I, then a happy-go-lucky youngster, took students for granted. It took about five or six years before I realized that it was wrong -- totally. That was when I started thinking about "running" my school seriously.

Well, perhaps, even now, my happy-go-lucky nature hasn't changed very much, and I'm not quite sure what is coming next --- but that's the life.