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Take Me Out To ...

The 2002 Japan Pro-Baseball League has begun! Actually, I'm not an ardent baseball fan. I can't watch the games on weekdays, even if I'd want to, because the "prime time" is when I'm writing "Hi, I'm Jim." things on the blackboard.

I was, like many others, a baseball kid vaguely dreaming of becoming a pro baseball player when grown up. I gave up the plan when I was a seventh grader, because I thought I was too small in stature to be one. Now I don't think I was talented enough to be a ballplayer those days, either, but it's kind of fun to think about "What If" from time to time.

It's amusing to see almost all the players are younger than I am - much younger. Oh, I have reached such an age. Come on! Ha ha. Wait, Rickey Henderson is forty-three, I hear. How great he is!