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Does this look right?

I haven't noticed how awkward this page looks on Internet Explore 6.0. Hmm...this could be A layout. haha... Actually, I want the navigation placed on the left, and the content on the right, lying side-by-side. I'm using IE 5.5 and it has looked OK. There must be something wrong with my stylesheet setting. I'm figuring it out. *sigh* Next time you come here and this page still looks weird, please let me know.

Great thanks to bcj. for kindly letting me know about this. :)


Looks perfect! I have IE6 at home and it was not displaying properly for me, but was fine from my work using 5 & 5.5 (two jobs/two computers!). Soon realized it was an IE6 issue. Was it a stylesheet thing?

Thanks, Jennifer. :) I installed IE 6 and by adjusting the width of the base layout, the right content stayed in place. Yes, it's a stylesheet thing, and, I suppose, an IE 6 issue.

Looks good from here. Now I don't have to scroll so much to read your posts. ;)


Oh, welcome here, bcj.! Now that I've installed IE 6, I don't wanna scroll that much to see my entry. Phew. ;)