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Flat Like Gumby

I went shopping in Kitami, a city about 100km away from my town, with my wife yesterday. Going for a drive on weekends is refreshing for me. Compared to other prefectures in Japan, Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's four main islands, is more spacious and less crowded. Broad,straight roads and beautiful landscapes -- just suitable for a nice drive. Oh, but drivers' manners here, I should say, are awful; Speeding, tailgating and aggressive driving. Me? Um, don't ask. :)

So it was another neat drive and we got home safely, and happily. And when I got out of my car, to my horror, I found the right rear tire -- flat! Yes, beautifully flat. That means I have to change the tire, which I haven't done by myself since I last did some seven, eight years ago. Wow, sounds like a tough job. I looked for the jack and wrench, trying to remember what I should do with them. With my wife's assistance, I jacked up the car, removed the damned flat tire, and put on the spare one. Done. No big deal, huh?

Strange thing is, we hadn't noticed the flat tire until we got home. So I have no clue when that happened. No strange feel or noises while driving. Can it be possible? Hmm..my lovely car must have been flying.


Sounds like a great day! (except for the flat tire, of course) I haven't had a flat tire in years, but when I did, I just got out of the car and stared at it until some man came along and changed it for me. Who says chivalry is dead? It worked every time!

Great! And chivalry, nice word - one which I have to keep in mind. ;)