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Four Words Make Good

I came across an interesting site named The Four Word Film Review via the article on 100SHIKI (Japanese). This site lets its visitors submit their four-word review on films. Just four words! Doesn't it sound fun?

I like "Don't see when drunk." (Vanilla Sky) and "Fun, but not magic." (Harry Potter).

Giving opinions or explanations in the least amount of words is a challenging and interesting job. A few words could explain it all. That's what I keep in mind in teaching. (Oh, really?)

Let me review Vanilla Sky:

"Joyful before, speechless after."

No good? Hahaha.


I think that you mentioned somewhere in this site that you did not like the movie Vanilla Sky. By using the word speechless it would imply that you liked the movie if I had not read that you were not impressed with it before hand. But speechless can also have negative connotations. Just pointing this out. Please feel free to correct this email, your english is great! Personally I don't watch my english closely and don't use spell check. I'm a southerner so it's "expected". LOL.

Thanks for the advice, Matthews. So, without any context, the word has affirmative connotations rather than negative ones. Right? I'll keep it in mind.

And also thanks for the compliments on my English. I'm honored. :)

Please come again!