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Golden Week

It's Golden Week! The "Golden Week" is a week from April 29th through May 5th, during which period a cluster of holidays fall on.

April 29th is called "Greenery Day", the former Emperor Showa's birthday. On May 3rd it is Constitution Day and the 5th comes as Children's Day. May 4th is a fairly new national holiday designed to fill the "gap" between the two holidays; this day is called "kokumin no kyujitsu" (National Holiday). Hey, legislators, haven't you guys thought of any wittier name for this, like "gap-filling holiday" or "nothing-in-particular holiday"? (Agh) Anyway, depending on the calender, you can expect more consecutive holidays about this time of year.

This year, April 27th is Saturday, making three holidays in a row. And though May 5th is Sunday, if a national holiday falls on Sunday, the next day, Monday, will be a substitute holiday. Good for holiday seekers.

We have no special plan for this year's Golden Week except for going to Sapporo. Just relax and idle away. Yea.


Have a good time! I wish I had a holiday about now :)