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Hair Talks

Nice collection on bcj. That tells how different you look by your hairstyles.

In high school, I was one of those guys with long hair. In university, I was one of those guys with permed hair; when I graduated from high school, my "Let's groove tonight" cousin advised me to get a perm because it looked "cool". Not really, though, looking back at it now. I kept getting my hair permed because it was an easy-care hairstyle. But when it got much longer, it became like an Afro haircut, and someone said I looked like a matchstick. The beautician girl always complained in a playful manner that my hairs were so hard that it was hard for her to roll them into curlers. So I was made to invite her for a drink.

And now -- nothing special. No perm any more. My hair is graying little by little, but shows no sign of balding. That's good for my age, eh?

I've never been satisfied with my hairstyles, though.


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