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Japanese Engrish

OK, let's enjoy the non stop fright.

Yeah, a Japanese flight attendant saying "Have a nice fright!" is a classic joke. I didn't know this joke has rived such a rong rife. Intelesting. Hab hun?

Seems like nobody in the flight company noticed the misspelling. Isn't that fligh...oops, frightening?


LOL! That is "flightening" :)

Yeah, kinda flightening fright. :)

lol. bely flightening =)

Hahaha. Sank you bely much for za comment. ;)

I ruv to rearn biorogy becuause it is much fun, ba ha ha ha

I'm an exchange students from japan.
I went to Mcdonald with my high school friends for lunch .
I was very thirsty, so I ordered a large coke. ..but I my pronaunce is so bad, I ordered a large cock instead.