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So, here goes some of the funny names:

The first one is "Peaman". The sound itself means "green pepper" in Japanese -- maybe it's from "pimento". I guess the student chose this nickname because it sounds just funny. He was an excellent student.

Next, "Betty". Nothing funny? It is funny if a boy named himself "Betty", isn't it? Sure one student did. Uh,.. I have to say, I don't think he was inclined to that taste. I asked him why he liked that name, but he wouldn't say. That's all right as long as he was happy with it. haha He also was an excellent student.

What about "Taro"? This is a typical Japanese name for boys (a bit dated). I usually don't accept Japanese nicknames, but, in the textbook for his class, a Japanese boy named "Taro" appeared as one of the leading characters. So I let him have it. Actually, I was taking it for a giggle.

Well, as one of the funny names of the current students, I should mention "Clinton". He later changed his name to "Calinton", and now he is called "Cal". He is a promising boy. Meanwhile, his little brother entered my school last year, and, alas, he announced himself "Bush". Now he seems to start regretting it, and seaching for a new name.


I like those nicknames! Especially "Betty" :) Must be quite a chore for you though to remember them all (particularly if they keep changing them all the time)!!

You're right. And, what's worse, I'm not very good at remembering names. Oh, there's one new student I've already put the face with the name completely -- a seventh-grade girl named "Rocky"! :)

wow can you say...LAME!!..find a nick name for that:)

need a nick name to be called by friends

kryone do you have any freinds?

WOW!!!!! They were awsome. I wissssh i could think of something like that but me and my friend are to dumb to think and i like pizza