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Nostalgic Music

It seems there is a retro-music boom going on here. Good old songs are heard here and there. I'm sometimes surprised to hear my students singing some pop songs of the '70s. Wow. Remix versions of the old hits are also popular in the music scene.

This phenomenon is not limited to domestic ones. Nostalgic songs by, say, Sylvie Vartan, Janis Ian, The Mamas & The Papas, Rolling Stones, ABBA, Carpenters, and a lot more, are used for TV commercials or dramas. It's interesting that even the ones that I didn't like very much in those days sound comfortable to my ears now.

A typical analysis will put it that people are going after something "healing" in this stressful society. That could be a point. Nostalgic music comes with memories. And to the young, these songs may sound like something "new". That's good.


I am doing a project on Nostagic music. My teacher wants me to do a revial of how this music is coming back in style or how did it go out of style. She also wants me to explain how it was popular in it's time and to give some research on Nostlgia itself. It is very hard to find this information because everywhere I look, there is only people's opinions. I am in desperate need of help so if anyone has pity, post something PLEASE!