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That Clay Puppet

Writing the last entry reminded me of various American TV cartoons/animations and sitcoms broadcast here back in the 60's and 70's, dubbed in Japanese. One I remember vividly is Bewitched. I was watching with the expectaion to see the moment when Samantha would twitch her nose!

And the one I liked very much but whose title I can't remember --
It was an animation of a funny rectangular clay doll with its top part cut off at a slant. I was both amused and amazed to see him roll, crushed, and return to his original form. That was a great animation.


I know that one! It's Gumby and Pokey. Gumby was the one with the slanted head and Pokey was the horse friend. Loved that show. Our current cat is named "Gumby"! (one of the four "critters" in my house :)

Wow, thanks again, Jennifer! :)
Gumby was his name...I remember the show only in fragments - it was so long ago. But it sure is the one I want to see again!

Please say hello to your Gumby for me. :)