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Seems like that flat tire comes across my mind every time I take the wheel these days, if not haunting. Getting a flat tire can be one of the most worrying things for drivers even though the chances are not so high.

The first time I had a flat tire was about fifteen years ago. Ironically, after that, I got two more flat tires in a brief period of time. Was I haunted? What happens twice will happen three times? Come on. That made me a skillful tire changer, kind of. But I haven't had one since then.

So for the first time in years, I changed a tire. I had forgotten how to do it. Maybe I was given a chance to practice changing tires so that I can confidently offer my help for a woman staring at her flat tire. ;) Like a language, if you don't practice it for a long time, you will lose the feel. Uh-oh.


LOL! Oh yes...it's practice so you can be chivalrous in the future for sure! ;)