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Gee, a week passes so fast.

The sixth and seventh grade beginners' class. The students seem very eager to start studying English. That reminds me of myself in the seventh grade.

The first goal for this class is to aquire the alphabet. Most of them can already read it, probably thanks to the popularity of the variety of "ABS Songs", but can't write it correctly, especially lower case letters. One thing I find interesting when teaching the pronunciation of the alphabet is the letter "z". How do you pronounce it? I guess Americans may be the only people in the world who believe its pronunciation MUST be "zee". In Japan, American English assumes the mainstream in the English-teaching field. So the students learn the letter "z" as "zee" at school. But strangely enough, people in Japan almost always pronounce it "zed", or more precisely "zetto", in their daily lives.

Incidentally, I think my English is neither American-like, nor British-like, but,er, Japanese-like. ;)


First, what are "ABS Songs"?

My English is very Canadian-like and we are always in the "zed" camp! :)

Ahem, it stands for "All Bad Spellings" ...no, no, no, c'mon, I mistyped. Thanks for pointing it out. Phew. :) Ah, yes, the "ABC Song". That goes like, "A, B, (S, oops) C, D, E, F, G...Happy, happy, I'm happy, I can sing my ABC"
Do you have any unique ones?

OK, one vote for the "zed" camp. ;)

LOL! OHHHHHHHHHHH - the ABC Songs! (When I saw "ABS" all I could think of was "anti-lock braking system" because ABS is the acronym used here for that).

Unique songs?? Hmmmm. I'll have to think about that one. I'll check with my daughter and get back to you :)

I'm British so I would have to go with 'zed'!

This is very interesting indeed. Greetings from Russia!