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Blue May

May is a difficult month. Some fresmen at college and new employees fresh from college suffer what we call "gogatsu-byo" (May disease). It is a phenomenon that freshmen suddenly lose spirit and become indisposed to go to school or work around the end of the Golden Week holidays.

Japan's fiscal year starts in April. In April, those newcomers make a fresh start with full of energy and expectations, and spend a high-spirited month in a new environment. But in May, they find themselves exhausted both physically and mentally. Some may realize the harsh reality of life, some may feel depressed about the difference between the ideal and the real.

The Golden Week holidays must have some effect on the May blues. Some companies offer their employees ten straight holidays. Going to work after such holidays is a tough job; hey, the new year started only about a month ago and then you took sweet Golden Week holidays and ... The May blues, yeah, but we love the Golden Week anyway.


Ah, its called Spring Fever here or it is also called Senioritis if the people will soon be graduating from high school or college.