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Coffee Works?

For soccer fans in the US, inconvenient times during the World Cup can be a big headache. I've had the vague impression that soccer is not so popular in the States. I know how they feel, because I wasn't able to watch anything live in the last Winter Olympics. The earth is round.

But I may be in the same boat, folks, or worse. On weekdays, I give classes from 4:00 to 9:30. Boy! That's when the world-famous players are just playing!


well, you know what, I was still in the US in February during the Olympics, and we couldn't see them live either! Actually, some where broadcast live but the "big sports" they would not show during the morning or afternoon and then they would show packaged versions during the evening broadcasts. They (NBC) did this during Sydney, saying it was because of the huge time diff., but doing the same thing when the Olympics are in the US just goes to show it's not about the time zone, it's about the MONEY (more people watching at night, etc.).

Re: soccer, not only is the time diff a problem, but American networks HATE showing soccer because of the uninterrupted 45 minute halves--no place to put the commercials! This is the main reason soccer (or excuse me, football) is not popular in the States.

Kiyo i'm in the same boat you are in, next week I start to teach, between 5 and 9 each evening. Argh!

Wow, American TV commercialism has gone that far! That probably matches Japanese counterpart's stupidity. ;)