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Dead or Alive?

I went to see The Others. Cute faces, dreadful fact. (No, no, I don't say I'll post it to The Four Word Film Review.) I got the real meaning of the film title.

"Why, Mummy?"
"Because I say so."

"Why not, Mummy?"
"Because you can't."


Of course being a games player I thought you were talking about "Dead or Alive" the game, haha. Have you heard of it? I think you are more of a PC games player than console?

Well, is The Others scary? I think the Japanese don't scare as easily - I've seen Audition, which is freaky!

Yeah, I'm a PC games player, but I don't know about "Dead or Alive". What's it like?

"The Others" was, in a sense, scary. It reminds me of "The Sixth Sense". I missed "Audition". Japanese horror movies ARE freaky. ;)

Dead or Alive is a 3D fighter, like Tekken. It is well known for it's women with bouncing parts... But it is a fantastic game. However, I am much more a 2D fan - i.e. Street Fighter III!

You should see Audition. I hope all Japanese women are not like that...