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Go Public

It was way back when I was in high school. A friend of mine was looking up some English words in his dictionary. Suddenly he turned to me and said with a twinkle in his eyes, "Hey, do you know what 'public hair' means?" "Public hair? ... No. What is it?", I answered. Then he came to me and, as proud as a peacock, pointed to the definition. I was taken aback. "Wow, isn't it funny! We've learned a new word!" ... We were young. And I didn't know why it was "public", but didn't care.

It was some years later that I realized he had made a simple spelling mistake. I felt relieved at the thought that I hadn't had a chance to use the term until then.

I don't know if he got the right idea about the word "public" ever after high school.


LOL! Could have been interesting if it HAD come up in conversation :)

Actually I remembered the incident while reading your blog on spelling. :)