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Hi, Mom

Mothers are mothers.

When I was a kid, I was a picky eater and wouldn't eat a lot. That gave my mother a lot of trouble. In my college days, whenever we were talking on the phone, she said, "Are you eating all right?" -- Thanks to her, I grew up in good health. Oh, Mother's Day is coming.

Mothers are mothers all over the world.


My mum and I were having a conversation last night about how I used to be so much trouble with my eating..! I'm still not that keen on vegetables :)

Talking of veggies, I didn't like onions and carrots. One day, Mother made me apple&carrot juice. That tasted good and lessened my dislike for carrots. But even now, onions are my archrivals. :)

Boiled carrots are possibly the worst of all! I steer clear of things like tomato-juice too.

Strangely, I quite like onions now in some foods :)