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Oh Cold

It seems that I'm getting a cold. I have those cold symptoms, a little bit of a sore throat, headache, and malaise.

I think I'm rather susceptible to cold. And, what's worse, I'm in an environment where my students come with cold viruses one after another! Seems like someone of my students has a cold at any given time. They aren't to blame, of course. I have to live with it. But strangely enough, my cold hardly ever gets worse -- than a certain level. In my 18-year career of teaching, it's only once that I called off classes because of a bad cold. That's amazing. I guess, in a sense, my dear students train me to acquire resistence to cold. ;)


Oh dear...and mine was a false alarm (never materialized!). Hope you aren't feeling to poorly. Get well soon.

Oh, it's good that yours was a false alarm! I'm feeling better today. Thanks, Jennifer. :)