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Just between you and me -- I have a phobia. I have a phobia for the rubbing sound of metal against metal. Not that it affects my daily life, but the thought of the sound gives me the shivers. A knife and a metal plate would be a perfect combination. A Chinese cooking show on TV would be a disaster. Um, I like Chinese food, though.

How can you name this phobia?


from Phobia List (http://www.phobialist.com/):

Acousticophobia -- Fear of sounds or noise.

Related (maybe?):

Loud noises: Ligyrophobia
Metal: Metallophobia

I know how you feel. Personally I can't stand rough ceramics rubbing! Think pestle and mortar... And of course, the old black-board/fingernail one :)

Thanks for the reference, Kurt. :)

Haha, Darren, yeah, the blackboard and fingernail one!

hi !

I cant stand fire crcakers bursting or gunshots ! i tend to run away from the site . it has missed many oppurtunites for me in life !

i dont know how to overcome it ! can anyone help me out please ?