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Saturday Scruples

Here goes my first Saturday Scruples.

1. At a video store, someone is about to rent a movie you've seen. It's really bad. Do you say something?

No. The person may find it fun. I found in someone's blog yesterday that Vanilla Sky was a lot of fun for him.

2. Your former lover becomes famous. A tabloid offers you $50,000 for nude pictures and a "tell all." Do you sell?

No. Never.

3. You decide not to hire someone because he's wearing a nose ring. When he asks why he didn't make it, do you give the real reason?

Why not? I want to see how he will react to it, and my decision may change with that.


I watched two movies this evening "Waking Life" and "Vanilla Sky" two existensial movies the same evening was perhaps too much. But there was a sort of strange synergism I found attractive.

OK, then I would love to be your 'former lover.'
You passed my test!

Hahaha! You got me, Hiyoko. ;) And glad you came!

Thanks for playing!