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World Cup Frenzy

The 2002 World Cup takes place in Japan and South Korea from May 31 to June 30. As usual, the Japanese media are pressing too much expectations on Team Japan.

Personally, I like the Netherlands. Their precise, sophisticated playing styles are fun to watch. Really too bad that they couldn't make it to the finals this time.

By the way, the manager of the Japanese team is Philippe Troussier, a Frenchman who has been taking command of the team for the past four years.

One thing I don't understand about him:

"Why can't you speak Japanese at all, dude?"


Have you heard of Sven-Goran Eriksson? Swedish, I think. He has taken over as manager of the England team and hopes are high - as usual.

Good luck to Japan as well :)

I don't know his name, but I hope to see England win the Cup this time. :) Oh and fewer hooligans. ;)

Well since I am an American and the American team doesn't have a shot in hell of going very far in World Cup Competition I don't know who I will really cheer for. England maybe? I will cheer the Americans as far as they go and then just really enjoy the rest of the competition.

kiyo wrote:
"Why can't you speak Japanese at all, dude?"

I've been thinking the same thing! C'mon, it's embarrassing. Even a few words would be nice.

Michelle, I think the US team has the capacity to give us a surprise, really.

Kurt, I'm glad to hear that. :)