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I've added a calendar in the side bar. I don't see any special meaning in displaying the calendar here. What's the use of it anyway? OK, MovableType can automatically generate a calendar, so I simply wanted to try it. Ha! Looks good?

MovableType offers a lot of gems to choose from. I can't handle all of them, of course. One which I'm thinking of trying out is the "CATEGORIES" feature. Categorizing my blog entries seems like a tough job, though. Maybe at some future time.


I think the calander is quite cute, probably because it looks smaller than my version.

I agree in that I'm not actually sure how useful it is, other than to get links to entries that are no longer displayed on your main page - but in your case you seem to be displaying a quite a number anyway... but it looks nice :)

Glad to know it looks good. :) Yes, I'm displaying a lot of entries because at first I didn't think I'd write almost every day! I'll change the number. Thanks. :)