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OK, this week's Saturdy Scruples.

1. You want to quit a job without notice but you need a good reference from your employer. Do you invent a family health emergency?

No. Instead, I'd start a new business myself. An English school would be a nice choice. Oh, I've already done it. :)

2. In a parking lot, you accidentally dent someone's car door, do you leave a note taking responsibility?

Yes. Thinking if I were in the reverse position and the person ran away... I can't leave there without doing anything. I often see this kind of parking-lot mishaps in local newspaper forums or the like. That really sucks.

3. You're a homeowner. A group home for mentally challenged adults is planned for next door. Do you sign a petition to stop it?

Probably no. If the home is necessary and should be there, there is no reason I'd be against it.