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Dad Tales

Heart-warming stories on "The Best Gift My Father Ever Gave Me...." Especially the first one rocks.

My father is now 68, already retired from work and seems to enjoy his post-retirement life doing some local activities and playing go. He was a school teacher. As most sons do (...right?), I went through a kind of rebellious-against-father age when I was a high school student. My case was not that extreme, but I would rarely talk to him in those days. A school teacher was the last thing I would like to be. He was a social studies and music teacher, but I never took interest in those subjects. Now I come to think of it, it would be good for me if I had learned some piano. Too late. It was not until I left home after graduating from high school that I came to know how much I owed to my father (and my mother of course). It's interesting that I'm in a teaching job now, if not a school teacher.

So the best gift my father ever gave me is the fact that he is my father. But, you know, I'm too shy to tell him so. Haha!

Oh, I forgot to give him a gift on Father's Day!