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Emotional Remarks?

It's a shame that an Italian football club has fired a Korean striker after he scored the winning goal over Italy. Is this really the case?

I watched the game. I was rooting for South Korea, to be sure, but it seemed to me that Italy wasn't just trying to get another goal after their early score, while the Korean players were desperate to chase the ball. There were several (or many?) close calls, but video replays showed them all.

In any international sports matches, there seem to arise refereeing problems. Too bad. In this World Cup so far, the referees at Italy - Croatia and Brazil - Belgium have been said to admit their significant misjudgment. Too weird. But I doubt the South Korea - Italy match was the case. (Incidentally, I was very glad to know before the Japan - Turkey match that the world-famous Italian referee would be on the pitch.)

Hope the Italian club's president didn't mean what he said.


Kiyo, after the initial stories about this firing were reported, the Perugia chairman backtracked slightly and said the firing was a result of Ahn's comments about Italy after the match, and not because of his golden goal. Even if true, that still doesn't excuse the hyperbole of the chairman who was quoted as saying that Ahn had "ruined Italian soccer". Also, for what it's worth, most stories about this are also acknowledging that the decision to let Ahn go was made some time ago based on his poor performance with the club.

Thanks for the input, Kurt. :)
If Italy pride themselves on being a football superpower, which I think they are, they should have played like that.