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Good Job

Japan 0 - 1 Turkey

The party is over. Japan could have won, but given the fact that Japan had three losses and no win in the last World Cup, they have accomplished an impressive achievement this time. Never have the Japanese people, in any sports events, cheered so enthusiastically, united in one, with this intensity, wow, for our national team as at this World Cup. It's just amazing. Could soccer (football) be more popular than baseball in this country?

I thank Team Japan for having given us a happy time, and am looking forward to the next Cup, where the real Japanese football strength should be tested.

Oh, the World Cup is not over yet. Co-host South Korea won a stunning victory over Italy. They are just great!

Now that Japan is out, which team should I cheer for the rest of the games?

Go Korea!
Go England!
Go Turkey!

Wish you luck!


I'm sorry Japan are out, but you know who to cheer for now right? :) England!

Football certainly seems to be taking off in Japan. Hopefully the Japanese players will get better for the next world cup!

I am sorry as well to see Japan out. It would have been nice to see both Japan and Korea to progess to the next round. I am very excited however, about England v. Brazil and of course US vs. Germany

Thank you, friends. :) Japan is a very young team, so they will improve a lot in the next four years.

I believe both England and the US have good chances to win. Hope they'll be able to play in good shape.

My money's on Brazil, though I wouldn't count out either S. Korea or Senegal (after all that's happened in this wild and wooly Cup, I don't think you can count anyone out until the matches are played and the final whistle blows). I think with all the justified attention on tomorrows Brazil-England match, these other teams are once again slipping underneath the "radar" screen. However, because for some tomorrow's match is "the real Final", I could see whomever wins as having a let down come semifinal and finals time.

After all the Italian crybaby stuff, I can only hope that from here on out losers, especially either Brazil or England, go out dignified.