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Strange, I feel like something is missing in spending two consecutive days without any World Cup matches, though I can't watch most of them live. South Korea has made a superb achievement. I was able to watch the whole match because it was Saturday. I'd like to congratulate Korea, but the match itself was a kind of disaster. There were several weird calls made by the referees that should cost Spain at least one goal. Unlike the Italy match, my sympathy goes to the side of Spain this time. Referees can make mistakes. That's what a soccer match is about. But if there were significant ones in a single game, the match would be ruined. And I'm also sorry for the Korean players for being involved in the refereeing controversy in the last two matches, because they have really been showing great performance. Spain could have won, and equally South Korea could have won. I hope their glory would never be colored in disgrace.

There are only four matches left. I'll cheer for all the teams except for Brazil, which is likely to win, though. Ha!