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"Hooligan" is a word that has become widely known among Japanese people for this World Cup. It will almost certainly be nominated for this year's "Word of the Year" Award.

As the World Cup was approaching, Japanese TV were noisy every day showing the violent scenes caused by hooligans in the previous World Cups and major football tournaments. This must have whipped up excessive fears among the locals around the football stadiums and made them prepare for forthcoming turmoil. I hear quite a few stores and bars went so far as to take out "World Cup insurance." Overreaction, would be. But in a country where it's kind of unthinkable (I should say, as yet so far) that a sport match can cause a riot, it's no wonder people would have more than somewhat uneasiness about something unexperienced. Japanese police also seemed a little too nervous preparing for the worst, with a variety of high-tech equipment. If that turned out to be overload, it would be all right with them anyway.

Meanwhile, this article made me smile. Police are nervous, but soccer fans are open and natural. In general, typical Japanese behavior toward people from other countries will be either friendly, too friendly sometimes, or xenophobic. But as a brighter side, this World Cup has given us the feeling of togetherness with people from various countries -- through the sport.


That was an encouraging article, but it doesn't surprise me too much. I have heard about Japanese hospitality and look forward to (hopefully) receiving it!

As for the fans, who knows. I am not a footie fan and can't stand hooliganism. If it should break out then I am glad to know that the Japanese authorities are prepared.

Let's hope for no trouble... & good luck England!

You are sure to get good hospitality. ;)