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My wife says I have a habit of saying "Ja". Ja or jaa is an adverb that is similar in meaning to "then" as in "All right then." I haven't noticed that myself. In fact, nobody has pointed it out to me. But paying attention to what I say when talking with her, uh-oh, yeah, I'm in the habit! And, what's worse, it seems that my ja often sounds like "if you insist" to her.

"There's sports news at 11."
"Okay, let's watch it , ja."

"A cup of coffee?"
"Yeah, I'll have one, ja."
"No 'ja', please! Do you REALLY wanna have coffee?"

Hey, believe me, I don't mean to accept your offers reluctantly. Ja has no special meaning in this case. Nothing funny. Don't you see?

But, you know, she seems to enjoy herself pointing it out. Ha ha! Yeah, I admit uttering too much ja. I've become ja-conscious.

Do you have any certain words or phrases that very often come out of your mouth unconsciously?

Ja, mata! (See you!)


Jaa, where did you pick up this little habit?

I say "yeah?" too much; and I think I got it from a Brit with whom I used to work. It can be used thusly, "So I was driving, yeah? And there was this car, yeah? And it almost cut me off. So I swerved and hit a tree, yeah? But I didn't get hurt, yeah?" It's probably really annoying to anyone who is listening. Hell, it's even annoying to me, just having to read it.

Yeah, "Jaa" is as common as "then" is. But my wife insists I say it when it's not necessary. I'm amused to find myself actually saying so.

Thanks for a "yeah?" talk. Very funny, yeah? :) I personally like the word and tend to use it often. I'm afraid I'll be in the habit of saying "yeah?" ;)