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Japanese Football

The Japanese team will make its appearance in the match against Belgium today. The match would prove whether Jananese soccer has come close to the world level or not. As usual, Japanese TV is making fuss about the expectations for "Team Japan." They say, "No host country in the World Cup history has failed in proceeding to the second round. That's why Japan has every chance to ..." Huh? Come on! Don't you guys think it's simply because they were genuinely strong enough to win the first round? With only two world-class players, Nakata and Ono, is Japan that strong? Do you ignore the fact that Japan is placed lower than the other three teams in Group H in FIFA's World Rankings? Can't you say Japan has EVERY chance to be the honorable first host to lose in the first round? I wonder what makes them (want to) believe that Japan will have a 2-0 win over Belgium. If so, it would be a hysterical, no, no, historic event for Japanese soccer. Let's wait and see.

Anyway, I can't watch the match because of work. Argh! Hope the Japanese players will put forth their strength and have a good game. Gambare!


Kiyo, I couldn't watch the match either because of work but I had my wife record it on video, and *somehow* I managed to get home without hearing or seeing the score (even though at one of my train stops I could see Japan supporters on the other train -- I live near the Saitama stadium-- and they didn't look too happy, so I thought for sure they'd lost).

well, just finished watching the tape, what a thrilling game although I'm upset they gave up that Belgian equalizer, or they didn't get foul calls on two plays near the Belgian goal. Oh well, they did a lot better than I expected they would, and made me glad I asked my wife to tape it.

My wife watched the game on TV. I saw the "digest" on NHK's feature program. Yeah, they did much better than I had expected.