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While writing the last entry, I remembered a dog that does remain in my distant memory. His name was "Koro". I was four or five years old. As a little kid, I didn't know where he had come from. But he was there -- a black dog with white eyebrows. He was a gentle dog. I can't recall how he barked; he never barked at people. We played together every day, though it is not clear whether he was with me at that dung puddle or not. He was my equal partner. We would do wrestling -- No, it was he that charitably took on my challenges. Sometimes during that round I played him foul by pulling his ear; there is a photo in my parents' house that proves it. Even on such occasions, he would never tried to bite me. He was genuinely a good-natured guy. I loved him, and I believed he loved me too.

One morning, I found him lying still in the shallow pond behind my house. He was dead. He had died alone. He had passed away without letting anyone watch his last breath...

I thought I had lost my friend, my precious one.

-- A bittersweet memory in the dim and distant past.


Hey I this certain entry in your journal caught my eye because that is my name.I am 16 and live in New Zealand. But in Moari (one of my country's spoken languages) Koro means Grandfather, I was named after my Uncle. I don't know what it means in Japanese so could u tell me, if it's something bad I promise not to be insulted lol. Anyway that was a very sad story and you are very good at telling stories, so email me at mai_mynd@hotmail.com

Hi, Koro. "Koro" doesn't have any special meaning in Japanese, but sounds somewhat cute and friendly.