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Life Expectancy

Do you ever think about what your life expectancy is like? Nobody knows how long you will live, but LongToLive.com offers to calculate your life expectancy in accordance with your life style.

I tried, fearfully, the Calculator and, voila, it says my average life span is 86 years old. EIGHTY-SIX YEARS OLD?! Wow, can I live that long? Besides, by modifying my lifestyle things, it insists that I can live longer to 98 years old. Hah!

The Calculator is kind enough to tell me that I was born on Friday. Yeah, I know I was born on Friday the 13th. And? You have lived 15,837 days. Uh-huh? You have 15,699 days left to live. Oh? Let's make them count! Come on! If I were to live to be that age, I'm just in the middle of my life. Midlife crisis? No, no, no. You should die on Saturday June 17, 2045 at 8:17:00 PM. Oh, it's kind of you to let me know about it. A weekend may be nice for my last day.

As they say, the Calculator is "just for fun." But gazing at the Life Clock may let you have an opportunity to think about how your life from now should be.

-- via 100SHIKI (Japanese)


LOL - I ran mine and got: