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Phobia II

Hey, I've been posting too much of football-related stories recently. Need a change? Yeah. By the way, I've inclined to use the word "football" instead of "soccer." Do Americans tend to think of "American football" when they hear the word "football"?

OK, so I'll write about something stupid today. Are you ready?

I wrote about my phobia the other day. Well, the truth is, I have another phobia that only my wife (and possibly some of my students) knows about. That is -- horse dung. Oh, don't laugh. Ha ha ha! ... ah, I'm serious. It's not that I simply don't like horse dung. Yeah, I know finding someone who loves horse dung is a tough job. The fact is, I'm scared of it. Yes, horse d**g scares me. Believe me.

I don't think I am a born horse-dung phobic or whatever. I grew up in surroundings where horse du*g was not a rarity. I dimly remember lying sprawled comfortably just beside the heap of horse d*ng when I was a very little kid. Then why? I'm not quite sure, but there is one episode that probably gave me a trauma.

-- That was when I was still a little kid, maybe preschool days. I was playing alone in the field. There was a fairly big puddle. I approached to it and, to my joy, found a diving beetle swimming in it. I liked catching them in those days. But, right beside the lovely little thing lay THE STUFF -- horse dung. I hesitated. Though I was not scared by horse *ung, I was not wild enough to put my hand readily into horse *ung puddles. I pondered. Hey, I don't wanna put my hand in this dirty puddle, but I badly want the beetle. I want it. C'mon, I want it. He should be mine. Catching diving beetles is my mission. Yes, it's MY MISSION! So I put my hand into the puddle, chased after the bug, and caught it. --

I'm not sure if that small incident directly links to my phobia. But by the time I was in second or third grade, I think I was already scared of horse du*g. I used to hear a local saying that goes, "If you step on horse d*ng, you'll be taller," and though I badly wanted to be tall, I didn't dare to do it.

Just the thought of the very thing lying near me -- Aaaargh! I know I can't be a cowboy. Oh, for the honor of horses, I have to emphasize here that I don't hate horses at all. They are cute animals, really. They are hard-working, and mean a lot to us. It's only their dung that scares me. Yes, I have to live with it. And I'm scared to ask you how scared you are of horse dung. ...Seems like horse dung will haunt me all day from now!

By the way, which is creepier to you, snakes or spiders? My answer is, spiders.


When you say football here in the States, nobody thinks of soccer. Football is huge here in the US. I think that it is more popular than baseball ( which is to be our national past-time ). Soccer is slowly catching on, but it will take a long time (if ever) to become more popular than football. One of the biggest problems getting soccer in the homes for people to watch, is everything here in the US has to have TV commercials. Televised games ( and I am not making this up ) actually have scheduled TV timeouts. That is correct, the TV dictates when there will be official timeouts. And since soccer does not have any time outs, nobody wants to air them without sponsors, thus not too many soccer games are even televised. I think that the US making it this far in the World Cup will help the sport, but you will never see people from the US call soccer, football. We are just to stubborn.

As for spiders or snakes, I don?t have much of a problem with either one. Now ticks on the other hand. They freak me out. :-)

'Football' suits me fine, while 'soccer' just sounds a little odd. That's just how it is in England!

Well, I wouldn't like to lie beside dung, it must be said, and neither snakes nor spiders are to my liking. I think snakes are worse - maybe I inherited this from my mum's terrible phobia of them.

As a Japanese, which to choose is a difficult problem. Oh, I'm talking about football and soccer. So I'll use both of them in my blog. ;)



By far.

I like snakes that don't kill me.

Well, that's a first! Horse dung phobia! :) Sorry, I laughed!

I hate both spiders and snakes equally, btw.

Me too, bcj. ;) I have never touched snakes, though.

Yeah, you're right, Jennifer. It's really a laughable phobia. :)

Well, I never liked snakes nor spiders.
But I have had snakes.
They eat snake soup in winter here in Hong Kong.
Believe me or not, it warms you up!

Wow, snake soup! Sounds a little scary but way better than spider soup. It must be good especially when you are exhausted or have a cold. What does it taste like, Hiyoko? Bearable?