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Japan plays against Tunisia today for qualification into the Round of 16. Can it be all right that Japan will proceed to the second round when France and Argentina are out of the games? That's what sport matches are about.

Today's match starts at 3:30 p.m. I can't watch the game because I have classes. I should have cut a couple of classes for my students (and me) to watch the match? Hmm...not all students are football fans. But, eh, I won't blame you kids if you skip class today.


Hey, thanks for stopping by my site. I see that Japan plays today. I hope they win.

I was just checking out your site. I like the layout and the content.

And as for your English skills, I have been using English (my first and only language) all my life, and all I can say is, I wish I had your skills.


Thanks for visiting here, tatroyer, and an encouraging comment. You made my day. :)

Congratulations to Japan for winning. Not the way I would have like to see the US get in, but we will take it.