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Showdown II

Japan plays Turkey today for a ticket of a quarterfinalist. Turkey is a powerful team. Maybe they are superior to their Japanese counterparts in many ways. I hope Japan will play a good game with their well-organized style of play and "guts", and win.

It's interesting that nobody, even the players themselves, seemed to know for sure how strong Japan was before the kickoff of the World Cup. The players have shown us that they are not the guys whose principal concern is how to do with their hair-do patterns. They are really cool sportsmen.

But, as usual, I can't watch the match! Last time, no students skipped class to watch the game. Hey, aren't they cute kids? So I turned on the radio during class and we enjoyed listening to the Japanese team win. They were cheering, "Nippon (Japan)! clapclapclap Nippon! clapclapclap" Ah, maybe this time too.


I'll be cheering for Japan! Your story of listening to the last game in class reminded me so much of watching the final game of the 1972 Canada/Russia hockey series in class. The one and only time watching tv was ever permitted in school! I have great memories of that, as will your students, I'm sure :)

Thanks, Jennifer! I remembered that my junior high school allowed us to watch the Sapporo Olympics on TV back in "1972". Good memories. OK, I will let them listen to the game. :)

Go Japan! :-)

Thanks, tatroyer. :) Though Japan lost yesterday, their achievement in this Cup was satisfactory. OK, next it's my turn. Go USA!