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Well done!

Japan did it! The young stars have made a history! And congrats, America the Clean Fighters! I say "Boo!" to Brazil for this.

Well, well, this week's Saturday Scruples.

1. You phone a friend at 2 a.m. but accidentally dial another friend. When his indignant voice answers, do you hang up?

I've never phoned a friend at that ungodly hour (probably). Neither do I want to be called that late. My answer is, well, no. If he were a close friend, I'd say I'm sorry to bother him at this early hour, ask how he's doing, have some chit-chat, and say good night.

2. You're about to buy a newspaper when you notice the vending box is open. Do you pay for the paper?


3. A new business opportunity could make you rich. Do you try to involve family members and in-laws?

If that is a multilevel marketing one or the like, I don't. I wouldn't involve my family, nor my friends. But before that, I'd never want to be involved in that kind of business. My ancestor said (Oh, really?), "Never think there is an easy way to make money fast."


Congratulations Japan! I'm not a soccer fan (at all!) but I know how fun it is when the "home" team does well. Just wanted to say "hi" too :)

Hi, Jennifer. :)
Honestly, I didn't care about Japanese soccer very much before the Cup, and didn't expect them to play this well. So it's been a surprise, really.