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After the Festival

The month-long festival is now over. Could be really blue Monday for the Japanese and Koreans today.

Some foreign media reported it's rather funny that Japanese people cheered for other countries so enthusiastically. I say it's nothing strange, because, for average Japanese, this World Cup was a gigantic "festival". For some football fans, it was a great opportunity to take a closer look at the world-famous star players. For some temporary football fans, it was a sweet opportunity to chase after idle, oops, I mean, idol players. We fully enjoyed the festival. No team to hate.

The popularity of football in this country wasn't, or hasn't been, mature enough to get nationwide attention. Still a long way from being a national sport. In fact, Japan had never won a game in the World Cup before. As far as football is concerned, no national pride was at stake. No big deal.

But, to our surprise, the Japanese team did far better than we had expected. This achievement has given us hope. Things around football in Japan could change for the better from now on. I'm looking forward to the World Cup 2006 in Germany. And also to seeing Kahn the greatest goalkeeper again! Oh, and the Netherlands!

By the way, if the World Cup is to be held at this time of year, Japan would be one of the worst places in the world -- a rainy season called tsuyu with high humidity. But Hokkaido, where I live, is the only region in Japan that is free from tsuyu and nasty humidity -- probably a perfect place. ;)


I think Japan and Korea did a wonderful job of hosting the World Cup. Of course it would have been a bit better if Korea didn't have such an obvious disdain for the US team. Bygones. The Japanese team played very well and has a lot to be proud of. I am dissapointed for them that their national coach has left them. I hope that they get a strong replacement so they can have a good showing in Germany 06.

Yes, bygones. At least that had nothing to do with soccer.

I'm looking forward to the US team at the next World Cup too. Especially Donovan is a promising young guy. :)

??"Could be really blue Monday for the Japanese and Koreans today."??

What is a blue Monday?

Hm? Doesn't make sense? I meant "the Monday (morning) blues". Sorry if I did it wrong.


you got it right. I was curious where "blue Monday" originated so I googled it and came up with this site:

apparently it's an old sea saying. look at the other expressions on the list. I had no idea seafaring folk had left us so many expressions that are now common everyday English.

on another topic, I need to move to Hokkaido! This tsuyu is getting the best of me.

Thanks for the input, Kurt. Interesting it's from an old sea saying!