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Gee, I didn't forget to use the spellchecker on my last entry. The result was just as you can imagine....

Well, the seventh graders seem to have got over the Banana Syndrome and can pronounce "Canada" well now. BaNAna, CAnada, baNAna...Oh, my students won't believe this, but when I was a little kid, bananas were a precious fruit. I would jump for joy when I could eat one, and one of my dreams in those days was to eat as many bananas as possible. And oh, the day did come when I was in second or third grade. I came home from school and found bunches of bananas on a table. I don't remember why they were there, but anyway I and my brother enjoyed them to our stomachs' content. Actually, I no longer liked to eat bananas after that.

That reminds me. When I was in bed with a cold, my mother would often serve me canned peaches. Japanese folks about my age may agree.