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Banana II

After the all-you-can-possibly-eat feast, poor bananas lost their prestigious status that had been granted by little Kiyo and, alas, became ones he hated to eat. It was not until he turned 13 that he got over his banana phobia. But still they were not his favorites. And time passed ....

Don't feel let down, dear bananas! Your status has been resumed recently.

I don't hate to eat bananas now. Matter of fact, they are indispensable for my source of nutrition. Um, overstatement, a little.

On weekdays, I have supper late. Classes start at around 4 p.m., and end at around 9:30. Supper is after that. Usually I have no appetite during work hours, but sometimes feel hungry or fatigued at the later classes. On such occasions, bananas are very convenient for quick nourishment. Bananas are my eternal heroes! Um, overstatement, a little.


I love bananas! And they're cheap, too (at least they are here.) I like to eat them cut up with milk and sugar on them (yes, I know it sounds yucky!)

Btw, your blog page is doing that funky thing again for some reason (in IE6, at least) where the entry part is displaying below the sidebar. Just thought I'd let you know in case you don't :)

Oh, really? I'm also using IE 6 and this page looks all right. Something must be wrong. I'll try to work it out. Thanks, Jennifer. :)

I love bananas. I eat them for breakfast, just plain. My mom says bananas in Taiwan (where my parents grew up) aren't special- they grow by the bunches, nobody wants them, they even give them away at gas stations sometimes!

Yes, CC, Taiwanese bananas are popular here in Japan. Abundant enough to give away in Taiwan? Sounds great!

hiya! i h8 banana's thye r vry scarey!!!

i have a friend who has a phobia of bananas. she is very odd!!!!!!!!! I personally hate the taste. HA Ha, bananas have a disease and will die out soon!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! (cara says yippie!!!)

I have a banana phobia and have done for as long as I can remember. I think we should ban all bananas and banana eaters (especially the ones in my office).If anyone writes another word about how great this offensive yellow fruit is then I will hunt you down and learn you.

We have recently learned that 4 or 5 of us here in an office who all have irrational fears of the evil yellow fruit of doom. We have realsied that there must be more of us out there and maybe need to set up a support group/hit squad?

i am the darren above and all this talk of banana's has made me feel really really sick!!

BANANAS ROCK! All those who have an irrational phobia of bananas, please contact me and i will help you through it... with the aid of a ton of bananas......

Fly me, Im French!

i have a really awful fear of bananas they stink there slimy oh dear god they r horrible most disgusting things ever but i dont know the name for it does any1 know???

I am absolutly terrified of bananas. it is kind of ironic because it was the first food i ever ate. i have been tortured as a child by the reccuring nightmare of 'bananas in pyjamas' walking down the stairs in endless lines towards me. the taste and texture is so foul that it makes my skin crawl and the smell often makes me physically sick. As a result i find it hard to eat fruit salads, those foamy sweets like shrimps - i swear they have banana in them and can smell one from about 100 metres away. They are so disgusting i can't describe it to you!

haha, my m8 has a phobia of bananas, its the funniest thing ever! show her a banana and she'll run a mile! u freaky ppl, wot the hell can a banana possibly do to you!!!
P.S. are they scarier with or without their skins??

Dear Banana discussion people. My colleague has a banana phobia, which has been recently exacerabated by my other colleague setting up a tuck shop in the office which includes, you guessed it....bananas! Is there a web site designed to help these banana phobes?

My best friend has a phobia of bananas! She hates them. She runs when she sees them. People at our school torture them with their bananas. It's really mean. And...if bananas touch her, she will seriously cry.

bananas SUCK!

does anyone know if there is a term for fear of bananas? (like arachnophobia for spiders etc)

OMG I thought i was the only person in the world who was scared of bananas.
It all started when i was 5 and my teacher forced me to eat a banana which my mum put in my lunchbox IN CASE i was really hungry...
Well my teacher literally forced it down my throat and i threw it up on her shoes.
I am now 20 and still not over it, however i don't cry when someone throws one at me anymore.

bananas are far scarier and more disgusting when they are peeled. Though I wouldn't describe my hatred of the yellow fruit as a phobia, (I can pick them up when they aren't peeled and have learned to stay calm when ppl around me are eating them) I have empathy for all those with phobias.
I went to the Blue Man Group five years ago and was sprayed with smashed up bananas. A v horrific experience
I have speculated that writers and other artistic ppl have phobias and hatreds of bananas more than others. Hmmmm....

oh my god they are the worst things EVER! anyone who could possibly eat these wicked things definitely need their head's checked!
one work-mate loves them and chases me around my office with the skin which i think this must be the most evil thing in the world! Teige Your EVIL

I also think bananas are the most disgusting things ever. I can't stand the smell of them (and I can also smell them miles away). They are just absolutely revolting. Much worse with the skin off but even with it on I can't touch one and have to leave the room if someone near me is eating one. The worst is when someone has one on a bus with windows that don't open - there's no escape! Even seeing people eat them on tv makes me feel sick. I agree with whoever said all bananas should be destroyed.

i have a phobia of bananas and its really embarassing i cant evn bare to look at them

lol omg i sware i thot my friend was the only 1 who had a fear of banana's does ne1 kno a name for the phobia?? prolly not j/w

ok pce out cub scout

ive been scared of bananas for about a year and i dont know why. for all those people who ask questions, they are scarier without the skin and in milkshakes. They make me throw up and i cant look at them.

w0w.. i didnt kn0w so many ppl felt the same way as me! i d0nt have a ph0bia but they stink and i wish ppl w0uldnt eat the disgusting things... h0wever mine started when i was 6 and i wanted t0 be co0l .. like my friend wh0 didnt eat bananas... n0w i cant stand them.. as f0r my friend.. she l0ves them.. i nearly v0mit at the stench and i HATE it when every0ne thinks its funny and thr0w there peels at y0u. ;/

Me too, I have banana phobia, I dread lunch times in the staff room, my colleauges torment me constantly they don't understand.

Help, is anyone having this problem too?


im a bit odd tho. Is there a word 4 bananaphobia?

My friend is completely afraid of bananas it is very weird.It is fine until they are peeled and then she starts screaming! I love bananas!

Interesting blog, does this site get lots of activity or is it usually slow around here?

My name is Juan and at school I am constantly tomented by big, round and sometimes yellow objects. I find that telling people of your fear of bananas will bring you nothing but harm. I'm homosexual and I'm Spanish, I wish someone would taunt me about that rather than my fear of bananas.