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Saturday Scruples:

1. Your six-year-old son likes to play with Barbie? dolls. Do you discourage him?

No, probably. I'd care about how he plays with them, though. I'll provide him with as many chances as possible to experience something new and interesting. And still he sticks to Barbies, then it's OK. Well, when I was a kid, I liked dolls. Oh, I'd like to see if he will show interest in a "Gumby" doll. (Actually I didn't have that one, but I'd have wanted it.)

2. When you make a big sale, your boss surprises you with a warm, lingering hug. Do you tell your boss you're not comfortable with this?

Haha, it depends. I don't think a boss hugging you on such occasions is a usual scene in Japan, though. If the boss were a woman, it could be OK with me. (Oh, but it depends..er, you know...) If a man, ...hmmm it could also be OK unless he would try to kiss me.

3. You invent a new kitchen aid. You can make four times more if you manufacture it in Asia where workers are paid a survival wage. Do you?

Where in Asia anyway? OK, it depends. As long as I can keep secure manufacturing here, I won't think about other options.