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Blog Description

It makes me amused to think what the heck my blog is. It's neither a weblog in a strict sense nor a diary. Actually, I'm not good at keeping a diary. I've tried to keep one a couple of times before, but have never kept them going. This blog may have no categories, but anyway I like it, at least for now. I write whatever comes to my mind, regardless of subjects. This could be placed in the broadest definition of a "blog."

As you may have noticed, the description of my blog that is shown above goes, "This and that about my English classes in Japan." This is the one I made hastily when I started blogging via Blogger, thinking that I could rewrite it some time soon. The description is now off the point considering what I've actually been writing about. I've kept it untouched, though, simply because I haven't thought of a nifty one. I'm no good at naming things or copywriting. Can you think of one? I bet anything would be better than mine. If you do, in return, I'll...er, well, think about a cool Japanese name for you. Huh? Nobody would want such a name? Ha-ha-ha!


My office workers and I took time out to huddle around each other and brainstorm ideas that would fit the context of your website. The whole time I was smiling rubbing my hands together in anticipation of a Japanese name. We have come up with a good description for your website. At least we think it is good. Here it is.

Lagniappe - pronounced 'lon-yop'. It is a Louisiana French Cajun term chiefly used in New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A.

It means - A little something extra; A bonus; Something unexpected: A small gift of appreciation given to a customer by a merchant; An unexpected treat.

Your website does have unexpected ideas and bonus topics, for example, this topic.

The word lagniappe doesn't conjure up a clear meaning at first glance. I think that most people would have to look it up. But, the word is like your website due to the fact you write whatever comes to mind which could be called unexpected (and it is a special treat). I wish I could take credit for the submission but my wiser and more experienced supervisor gets the credit. All I did was get the ball rolling.

Good luck on your search! If anything this submission should help you narrow the selections down.

Matthews Hood.

Are you the Matthews who enlightened me about the use of a word the other day? Thanks, Matthews! I'm grateful to you for taking time out to give it a thought and offering me a nifty one. Lagniappe -- what an attractive word! I don't know if my blog matches up to the word, but it's really something. Yes, Matthews, let me use this as the keyword for my blog. Please give my best regards to your office workers and the supervisor. OK, it's my turn. I'll think about a Japanese name for you and send it to you by email, with a kanji (Chinese characters) gif. file in a few days. Thanks again!