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Call Me A Rocker!

It's rock 'n' roll, baby! Bcj. sent me an interesting link of another piece of Engrish. Thanks, bcj!

I don't understand why generally shy-of-speaking-English-in-private Japanese can be so bald, ahem, bold enough to show off their Engrish when it comes to naming commercial goods, public facilities, etc. Nor do I understand why they won't take a little time off to make sure, by consulting dictionaries or native speakers, whether their English is correct or not before making it "public." It could be one of the Seven Wonders of Japan. What do you think? It's learry a mystely.

Incidentally, the correspondent who wrote the article is a Japanese. Uh-huh.


And if you haven't seen this one yet...

so what.
sick of native english speakers pointing out "Engrish" things, MISTAKES IN WRITTEN JAPANESE ARE COMMON in the UK where I was living for 7 years and here in the US too where I am currently living.
those people whose first language is happened to be english, the world common language, seem to have tunnel vision, or are they too stupid to realise that they speak/write japanese as bad as japanese people speak/write english.

So, learn from others' mistakes, I guess you're Japanese. (Sorry if I got it wrong) Can I take it that you don't care a bit about Japanese "Engrish" displayed in public scenes in Japan?

I struggle every day with the English language. I guess the fact that I work to improve my language skills will cause me to become frustrated when I see someone else who doesn't really give much thought to it, and thus boldy mispells and mispronounces too many things.

But I think there is an obligation on the part of companies who are using English in the advertising campaigns to do a little bit of research before they create their ads. I mean, do I really want to give my money to a company that doesn't even know how to spell correctly? What's that say for the integrity of their product?

Yeah, bcj, I agree. Though I'm one who is struggling to learn English as a foreign language, I know how you feel. And just a bit of research, really.